About Us

Who Are We?

Lemhi Valley Social Services has been serving adults & children in our community since 1996.
We are a team of experienced, caring, and dedicated professionals.
Our qualified & licensed team consists of:

Annie Stokes, Executive Director

Karlee Boese, LCSW

Delbert Fischer, LCPC

Stan Gilbert, LCPC, LMFT

Beth Guzi, LPC

John David Hattaway, LPC

David Holcomb, LCSW

Sarah Marcus, LCSW

Rachel Pearson, LPC

Coleen Phelps, LPC

Elizabeth Ritan, LCSW

Ethan Smith, LCSW

Mary Smith, LCSW

Joy Baker, BA

Taylor Bruzza, BA

Cheryl Chadwick

Susan Chastain, BA, MPA

Janna Cockrell, BA

Pam Dahle, BA, CPRP

Darla Doan

James Doan

Jessica Farmer-Lowell

Jeffrey Guzi

Amber Hitesman, CPSS

Tia Johnson, BS, BA

Chanelle Juntunen

Lawna Kolterman

John Layne, BS

Gregory Lowell

Wendy Magoon

Don Mogensen, LSW, PSS

Malinda Morse, BA

Myriam Mualem, BA

Robin Pierce, CADC, QP

Heather Pitcher

Deana Pohto, BS

Janet Proulx, BS

Chloe Russell, BA

Margot Schellenger, BA

Kimberly Sheppard, CADC, QP

Midy Speich, BA

Barbara Stemper, BA

Kathy Thomas

Tammy Trost

Sandra Tueller

Faith Weir

Reagan Wright, CPSS

Debi Zohner

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We Believe In You

We believe in recovery. We believe in the potential of the human spirit to rise above the struggles of life.
We believe in supporting people to create the best life possible for themselves with education, encouragement, and hope.
We know it can be hard to reach out for help; know we are here for you!